The toilets of our village school had to be renewed.
A few months ago, a group of pupils from class O2SC (Secondary School for Health and Social Affairs) Berufskolleg Rheine collected deposited bottles on the schoolyard with the idea of making something useful out of it.

The idea of earning money with garbage was barely conceivable, as it was noticeable that many students threw their empty bottles into the garbage just like that.

First, collection boxes with information brochures were set up, into which the pupils could throw their empty bottles.
Later, the idea was extended that at the end of the lesson, the pupils would also visit different classes and ask other pupils to donate their empty bottles. About 900 bottles were collected for over €250.

The student body has undertaken further activities to raise more money and the result was a considerable amount of money donated to the LoszuGhana SOS project (Save Our School) to build an open-air urinal for all children and teachers of the old Adwampong school. The urinal has now helped us to solve the hygiene problems that the school has been facing for some time. Thank you very much for your continued generous support. We are very happy!