The world continues to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. In Ghana, cases of the virus have gone up within the last few weeks with over 12,000 people infected.
The Ghanaian people are doing well in the fight against this disease; schools remain closed while the government tries to develop new measures to reopen them. The restrictions on social gatherings such as attending church, weddings, mosques and funerals have been eased to allow a restricted number of people.

There have not been any cases of Corona in our village until now, and we continue to follow all the existing necessary precautions since the beginning of the pandemic. There are still strict rules for visitors; only essential visits are allowed, such as the company delivering drinking water, or the carpenter repairing a broken roof. Care-givers are required to use their mask and hand sanitiser when running errands in town for the project and regular hands washing is “compulsory” for all persons at the project.

But the kids miss school and their friends. They often ask when they can go to school again, especially the little ones. While we await the directives of the Ghana Health Services and the Ghana health ministry on measures to undertake when school starts, we are using the current time to improve certain facilities at our school and in the school compound. These improvements include replacement of classroom blackboards, repair of broken desks, and the continued maintenance of the toilet system.

The school has recently started a farming project to produce its own food to support the canteen. All staff at the school are actively involved in the farming activities (weeding, planting maize, etc.) and are responsible for upkeep of the land.

We like to thank you all, for the continuous support during the lockdown period; this support makes it possible for us to care for our kids and mothers during these strange times and keep them safe.