LoszuGhana Association

The parent organisation LoszuGhana Association NGO is based in Ghana and has set out to arrange volunteers’ involvement in social and cultural projects within a reasonable budget and non-commercial manner.

The division of volunteer placement and the Children’s village charity project as well as many other beneficial projects are run in cooperation with the Partner organisations: LoszuGhana Association e.V (Germany), LoszuGhana Association (Switzerland) and LoszuGhana Association (Sweden).


LoszuGhana Association Switzerland was set up by former social service workers and motivated young people in the year 2009. The goal of the organization is to support and promote socio-cultural projects and institutions using the organizational and financial resources of our parent organization LoszuGhana N.G.O. Currently, this involves the construction and running of our orphanage LoszuGhana Children’s Village.


The section of the organization registered in Germany (LoszuGhana e.V.) is open to all people who share the same ideas and wishes to impact the lives of others in many different ways. LoszuGhana e.V also part of our collective objective, has the major responsibility of arranging international voluntary work in Ghana. LoszuGhana e.V is also responsible for mentoring and preparing participants who travel to Ghana for voluntary work.


Incorporated in 2013, LoszuGhana Sweden has similar responsibilities such as the other chapters of the LoszuGhana. With a team of highly motivated individuals working voluntarily, we have been able widen the scope extending help to many in Ghana. LoszuGhana Sweden is a registered NGO under the laws of Sweden and has the role of supporting our charity project as well as promoting voluntary work in Ghana through LoszuGhana Association.


LoszuGhana is non-governmental organization that promote social services and support for humanity in Ghana. The organization organizes projects in schools, orphanages, rehabilitation center for volunteers who wish to support others out of free will and at no cost.
LoszuGhana NGO is the main organization for organizing social project and voluntary work support in Ghana. The children village project is an initiative project from LoszuGhana NGO to support women, orphans, needy and less privileged children.
LoszuGhana is both registered under the laws and department of social welfare for rendering selfless service to humanity in Ghana. The organization is also registered and run in three countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Sweden).
The entire children village project is financed through sponsorship mainly from philanthropist and supporter across the world. The project has also set out to involve in many agricultural activities with the aim of producing food for its inhabitants.

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