By setting a high priority to care and education of children, we aim at nibbling poverty and giving children a brighter future.

By doing so, underprivileged, orphaned and needy children will again be secured, loved and feel the sense of belongingness. With your support and help we can reach far in making our world a better place. In return for your support, you will receive:

  • general information about the project and the children,
  • the ability to request detailed information,
  • the opportunity to visit the children,
  • the possibility of correspondence with the children,
  • regular updates and newsletters.

The list below gives you an overview of the expenses per child:

Basic Needs

€ 5 – Health Insurance & Medication (3 months)
€ 9 – Cloths and shoes (3 months)
€ 12 – Sanitary supplies (1 month)
€ 30 – Food/per Child (1 month)


€ 7 – School bag and accessories (3 months)
€ 10 – Text and exercise books (3 months)
€ 10 – School Uniform (3 months)
€ 12 – Lunch at school (3 months)


€ 8- toys/plays gadgets (3 months)
€ 10 – Story books (3 months)
€ 10 – Sports materials (3 months)
€ 15 – Trip/excursions (6 months)

Monthly sponsorship

A monthly sponsorship of € 30,00 / CHF 33,00 covers the basic needs of a child, including food, health insurance and education materials.


We accept remote child adoption/sponsorship. As money donations is generally used for all children at the project, we ensure material donation to a specific child goes directly to that respective child.
Yes, you can. Monthly donations are welcomed and accepted in money or materials to support the children and their caregivers.
You will get updates about past and ongoing activities through our news section on our website. Also, signup to our newsletter and receives quarterly updates. If you wish to inquire about specific information please send us an email.

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