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Topics: christianity , protestant , religion-and-beliefs , charities-and-community-organisations , drugs-and-substance-abuse , community-and-society , kings-cross , sydney Posted July 06, Updated July 06, Alison Wylie spent her childhood summers at archaeological excavation sites.

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Today, she's redefining the scientific field to include Indigenous perspectives. Topics: indigenous-other-peoples , archaeology , history , university-and-further-education , philosophy , canada , wollongong , nsw , australia. Posted June 23, Updated June 24, Some of the richest people in the country are Jewish, but up to 20 per cent of this faith community live below the poverty line. Topics: judaism , community-and-society , religion-and-beliefs , charities , charities-and-community-organisations , poverty , woollahra , nsw , australia.

The Quaker religion was founded on political protest. Today its followers are keeping that tradition alive — from nannas knitting against gas to American farmers saving refugees. Topics: religion-and-beliefs , quakers , christianity , community-and-society , environment , activism-and-lobbying , sydney , gosford , nsw , australia , hobart , tas.

Posted March 24, Updated April 21, Growing up as a boy in an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn community, Abby Stein had no access to the internet and barely spoke English. It's a world away from the life she's now living as a transgender activist. Topics: religion-and-beliefs , women-religious , gender-roles , lgbt , sexuality , judaism , united-states.

Posted March 03, Updated December 13, Consecrated virgins date back to the third century, but for more than a millennium they didn't exist. So why are modern women choosing chastity and marrying Jesus?

Sistagals: Australia's Indigenous Gay and Trans Communities

Topics: catholic , religion-and-beliefs , christianity , women-religious , women , feminism , parramatta When Fereydoun Najafi Aria was 18, he was arrested, tortured and thrown in jail. Decades on, he feels lucky to have survived. Topics: religion-and-beliefs , islam , community-and-society , government-and-politics , refugees , history , world-politics , immigration , iran-islamic-republic-of , australia. Posted February 07, Updated February 08, Tibetans across the globe are celebrating Losar New Year.

In Northern Sydney, three generations of the Dhongdue family gather for dumplings and deity offerings.

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Topics: buddhism , women-religious , religion-and-beliefs , family , community-and-society , sydney From Aquaman to The Avengers, superhero films give us moral teachings and Messiah-like figures with a side of butt-kicking action. Topics: ancient-religions , religion-and-beliefs , community-and-society , christianity , film-movies , fantasy-films. Posted December 15, Updated December 17, What can an art critic, a Russian playwright and the film Days of Summer teach us about the dangers of oversharing on social media? Topics: ethics , community-and-society , books-literature , mental-health , internet-culture , self-help , religion-and-beliefs.

Single Punchbowl Couples Seeking Transsexuals interested in Transsexual Dating, Meet Transexuals

Posted November 18, Updated November 18, For mainstream Jewish communities, the belief that Jesus is the Messiah is offensive and theologically flawed. That hasn't stopped Messianic Judaism from growing internationally. Today, the controversial faith welcomes Jews and "gentiles" alike.

Topics: religion-and-beliefs , religious-leaders , community-and-society , judaism , christianity , nsw , australia , bondi-junction Posted November 08, Updated November 08, Sikhs see hair as a gift from God, so it's only natural they avoid hairdressers and sport protective turbans. Five Australian Sikhs explain their take on this tradition. Topics: religion-and-beliefs , community-and-society , men-religious , women-religious , family , australia. For Mexicans in Australia, Day of the Dead isn't a dress-up dance party, but a time to bring loved ones back from the dead and reconnect with their ancestral homeland.

Topics: ancient-religions , religion-and-beliefs , women-religious , death-and-dying , family , sydney Posted October 23, Updated October 25, Rida Khan is a follower of Sufism, the mystical form of Islam. She also identifies as bisexual.

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Topics: religion-and-beliefs , women-religious , islam , lgbt , race-relations , discrimination , melbourne Posted October 15, Updated October 15, Professor John Rasko is a world-leading scientist in IVF and gene therapy — fields that some claim promote "new eugenics". As a descendant of Holocaust survivors, he takes this accusation seriously. Topics: genetics , race-relations , community-and-society , medical-ethics , ethics , pregnancy-and-childbirth , science-and-technology , family-and-children , religion-and-beliefs , australia. Posted September 22, Updated September 27, Nimita doesn't eat after dark in case she accidentally swallows an insect — and doesn't play cricket, so as not to hurt the grass.

She's one of Australia's 4, followers of Jainism.

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Child Protection Helpline The Child Protection Helpline is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, statewide call centre staffed by professionally qualified caseworkers to receive and screen all reports about suspected abuse or neglect of a child or young person or those at risk of harm from abuse or neglect. Lifeline 13 11 Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline An Australia-wide telephone hotline for reporting abuse and neglect of people with disability. People With Disabilities Australia Short-term individual and group advocacy assistance to people with disability.

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Criminal Justice Support Network for people with an intellectual disability. Alcoholics Anonymous 02 Family Drug Support 02 Narcotics Anonymous 02 Australian Drug Information Network has a list of services that can help you. Link2home If you need emergency accommodation in NSW because of homelessness or family and domestic violence, Link2home will provide you with information about crisis accommodation in your area.

Link2home Youth Emergency Accommodation Line If you are and need somewhere to live. Centrelink - Family and parenting payments 13 61 Multilingual information 13 12 Wesley Misson CreditLine 9. They can provide counselling, education and self-help and consumer advocacy services. Your local doctor Your local doctor or GP can help you with any health issues and refer you to other services. To find a doctor near you, you can search HSNet. Link2home Link2home is a statewide information and referral service who can refer you to Specialist Homelessness Services that support women and children who are escaping domestic and family violence.

Specialist homelessness services , delivered by non-government organisations, form a vital part of the service system supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Housing Contact Centre Information on longer-term housing support, applying for social housing and the state-wide housing register.

Housing Pathways Staying Home Leaving Violence Staying Home Leaving Violence is a free program which supports victims to stay safely in their own home, by working with police to remove the perpetrator from the family home. YFoundations YFoundations is a peak body for issues around youth homelessness. YFoundations 02 Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc. Provides free immigration advice and representation to refugees and financially disadvantaged immigrants in New South Wales. You can make an appointment to talk to someone about legal advice. Immigrant Women's Speakout Provides domestic violence support, advocacy, information, referral and research body representing the ideas and issues of immigrant and refugee women in NSW.

It is a community-based organisation managed by women from different culture and language backgrounds. Interrelate Family Centres Provides family support, including support for multicultural families. Interrelate has 10 major regional locations across NSW and 26 outreach locations in the broader community. For more information on a specific region visit the website or call.

  • Single Punchbowl Men Seeking Shemales interested in Shemale Dating, Shemale Hookup.
  • Single Punchbowl Transsexuals interested in Transsexual Dating, Transexual Dating!
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Immediate phone interpreting is available 24 hours, every day of the year. Translating and Interpreting Service Transcultural Mental Health Twenty10 GLCS 02 The Safe Relationships Project at the Inner City Legal Centre The Safe Relationships Project offers domestic violence court assistance and support for people who are in same-sex relationships, transgender, transsexual or intersex.

Safe Relationships Project 02 The Gender Centre Inc. The Gender Centre offers a range of services for transgender and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends in NSW. These supports include counselling, case management, accommodation, resources, training and workshops.

Single Punchbowl Men Seeking Shemales Interested In Shemale Dating

Gender Centre 02 Twenty10 Association Gay and lesbian youth services, 24 hours 02 Mensline A 24 hour service for men which has counsellors who are trained in dealing with male victims of domestic violence. Elder abuse helpline Older women may have been domestic violence victims for years, or it may have started later in life.

Your abuser could be a husband or partner, child, carer, or other family member. Call Braveherts if you need information of support relating to child sexual assault. Bravehearts Monday to Friday, 8. Department of Corrective Services Victims Register 02 Gain free access to a telephone or on-site interpreter in your own language.