The coronavirus epidemic has recently hit Ghana like the rest of the world. The best precaution among many others for us now at the Children’s Village is to stay within our walls. 

Our village is currently closed to all visitors whiles we are exercising and insisting on various hygiene and precaution measures. 

Until now, we have provided hand sanitisers and  “Veronica buckets”  for regular hand washing under running water. In addition, we have added fruits to our daily nutrition whiles nose masks have been provided for all adults who may exit our residence to run errands such as buying suppliers for the project.

To get rid of the boredom, kids are getting 2-3hours of regular school lessons every day while some time is invested by the adults into planting and caring for food crops at the village garden. Various maintenance activities such as fixing and painting our family-house rooms and exchanging mosquitoes nets are being undertaken with the help of mothers and other supporting staff. 

We can surely fight COVID-19 by controlling the spread of the virus… stay healthy!