Mothers get Vaccinated

COVI-19 continues to be a worldwide concern, in Ghana active cases have gone down to 1500.
The government is taking drastic measure to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Currently over 3.1Million vaccines have been dispensed according to the Ghana Health Service.

We are happy to announce that, there is no case of COVID at the children village until now and almost all mothers and workers at the project have received their first dose of the vaccine AstraZeneca and awaiting the second in the next weeks. We continue to take precautionary measure to reduce risk of infection and ensure the safety all person at the project.

New children in the project

After many months of waiting, we have finally welcomed new children to the Children’s Village.
We are happy to welcome 15 new members to our loszughana family, all 11 children and 4 mothers went through medical examinations to rule out contagious or serious illnesses before being admitted.
Most of these children moved in to us with their mothers, who are now participating in our SMW vocational training project and learning skills in hair braiding or baking.
For their accommodation, it was necessary to temporarily partition the girls’ wing of our new dormitory into cubicles to provide privacy and security for our new members. All children are currently attending school at Old Adwampong community school and have already integrated into the new village community.

Electricity at Project

For more than 5years now, the children’s village has depend on solar energy as a source of power at the project. The solar system which was constructed in 2016 and further extended in 2018 have reached its end of life. Our battery bank has overrun the rated cycles and no longer able to save energy, and other major components under performing and needs to be replaced (according to a audit conducted by NOCHESKI COMPANY LIMITED). The village project is currently almost dependent on a power generator(petrol) to compensate for the power demand including pumping water for daily use.

To curtail the situation, we have launched a fundraising campaign to maintain our solar system and continue to use green and renewable energy. We there therefore appealing to all for support to enable us Stay green and safe at the project. Visit our fundraising page here(in German)