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It starts with the will to make a difference. One of our main causes here at LoszuGhana Children’s Village is voluntary helping those who need it most, an issue that touches many lives around the world.

By gradual integration, volunteers become part of the community and are able to best carry out their work by breaking the cultural barriers when they accept, reason and decide with the local people in their communities. Work with communities and bring your own energy to focus on different issues together. Join any of our projects today and let’s work as a team for the greater good. Join a grassroots project and help us build mini projects right from beginning!


We offer orphanage projects both in villages and cities. Based on your preferences your tasks at the project include caring for kids and assisting them with activities such as shower, dinning etc. Self-planned activities are also welcomed!


We offer a wider range of school projects, both in cities and small villages. Volunteers may work with different classes and ages of children to select their own most preferred classes to work with.


For medical students, we offer placement in a teaching hospital and small clinics in rural communities. Volunteers are required to assist from basic to complex medical tasks using local techniques under the supervision of a senior medical assistant.

Research & Internship

Projects include working with certain groups in communities or institutions, e.g. vocational training for teenage mothers, bullying in schools, etc. Projects are organised together with participants to assist in choosing the right topics.

Community Campaigns

Community campaigns and educational programs are mostly on social issues and dieseases. Volunteers plan and design materials and carry out tasks with help from a contact person within the targeted communities.

Rehabilitation Center

Our rehabilitation center project houses people with various forms of physical or cognitive impairment. Students in the centre are involved in vocational and craft work, a means of developing and equipping users of the centre to gain the necessary skills to live their lives with limited dependencies.

Volunteer fees

Volunteering comes at a cost, and the process of preparing, training, transporting and housing volunteers is not cheap. This is why we charge a fee for volunteering. We want to be as open as possible about how your fees are spent:

One-time fee

A total of 497,00 € needs to be paid in full before the start of your project. These costs include:

  • Project and Host Family Organisation
  • Airport Pickup
  • Overnight stay in Accra(hotel/hostel) after airport pickup
  • Meal/water during the orientation sessions (2 days)
  • Transfer cost to chosen project
  • Language course and orientation (2 days)
  • Support during the time in project, 24-hour emergency contact
  • General cost of the foreign office (to be paid before travelling to Ghana)

Monthly fee

A monthly fee of 210,00 € is charged every subsequent month in addition to the one-time payment. The monthly fee includes:

  • Administrative expenses in Ghana including office rent and other costs
  • Accommodation and supplies at your host project
  • all meals and water (3 meals a day)

Based on the one-time and monthy fees, you can expect costs of 3.017,00 € for a 12-month stay with us at LoszuGhana.


Our longest program duration is 12months of total stay in Ghana, including travel times.
Based on considerations, the initial project of choice can be changed. LoszuGhana may also switch a project before departure to Ghana if the project of choice is no longer available or can no longer be offered. LoszuGhana will communicate in such a situation to the applicant in time before departure.
We offer airport pick up and also escort participants to their project after a 2-3 days orientation session in Ghana.
Yes, mosquito nets, prophylaxes, and replant creams are sold in almost all pharmacies in Ghana.
Yes, all projects/locations have electricity, however, there are often power outages and we recommend you bring along a flashlight, power banks, etc.
All projects are located close to health care facilities.

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