School Opens again

Our school has made it through the first academic term since reopen in January. After a 10months break in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restoring the school to normal with regular activities and attendance has not been easy.

Whilst many of the kids are excited to be back after the long break others were still reluctant or trying to get used to the setting of going to school from Monday to Friday. Presently, the school is undergoing infrastructure maintenance including repairing broken desks and tables, replacement of windows and door frames deteriorated by termites, and repair of classroom floor to make the environment conducive for teaching and learning.
Additional measures taken against COVID-19 as also set by the government and the Ghana education service include the installation of handwashing posts with Veronica buckets and hand sanitizers. Kids in the upper classes are also required to wear face-mask during lessons.

Distribution of donations

Finally its goes on!
As reported in advance, the containers arrived and were unloaded at the Children’s Village on 22.11.20. On Sunday afternoon, I made an overview of all the boxes and donations in kind with Mr Bethel, the manager of the LoszuGhana Children Village.
The next 3 weeks in the Children’s Village should be something very special. Click here to read more

Our Village During the Pandemic

The corona pandemic continues to be the world’s biggest problem. In Ghana the total number of cases have exceeded now 48000 with about 320 death cases. 
We are happy to announce that, until now there is no case of corona infection at our Children’s Village. 

Whiles all primary schools remain closed until January 2020 in Ghana, we do our best to reduce the boredom by engaging our children in many activities using the facilities at our compound. As a routine activity, children get 2-3 hours of lessons or other creative activities including painting or craft works on weekdays. They are also involved in other activities such as assisting the adults with baking or buying weekly food items from the local market for the project. Irrespective of the many activities, the kids miss school and their friends and are eager to get back to their regular school. 

For the next coming months, we have intensified our preventive measures. All kids above 5 years and adults are required to wear mask when going outside the village compound. Washing hands and the use of sensitiser continues to be mandatory for all person and our compound is restricted to unauthorised and unnecessary visits. 

For your support, love and interest in the project, we are able to continue to care and protect many needy children by giving them a place they call “home”. Many thanks and stay healthy.

We are happy about our new family members

We had the opportunity to welcome and host Emila and her 2 months old baby at our project. Emilia is 18 and homeless who gave birth to her son on the street of Kejetia under unhygienic conditions.
Her conditions during pregnancy resulted in multiple infections and complications during delivery. Both mother and son had to be admitted in hospital for about 2 months before being discharged and have now relocated to our children’s village project. Emilia and son now live with us and both are healthy and safe. The two will undergo further medical screening in the coming weeks to ensure they are very healthy.

We are able to continue to support many such as Emilia and her son because of your continuous interest and support in our project. Many thanks to you all.

Update-Staying Healthy during the Epidemic

The world continues to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. In Ghana, cases of the virus have gone up within the last few weeks with over 12,000 people infected.
The Ghanaian people are doing well in the fight against this disease; schools remain closed while the government tries to develop new measures to reopen them. The restrictions on social gatherings such as attending church, weddings, mosques and funerals have been eased to allow a restricted number of people.

There have not been any cases of Corona in our village until now, and we continue to follow all the existing necessary precautions since the beginning of the pandemic. There are still strict rules for visitors; only essential visits are allowed, such as the company delivering drinking water, or the carpenter repairing a broken roof. Care-givers are required to use their mask and hand sanitiser when running errands in town for the project and regular hands washing is “compulsory” for all persons at the project.

But the kids miss school and their friends. They often ask when they can go to school again, especially the little ones. While we await the directives of the Ghana Health Services and the Ghana health ministry on measures to undertake when school starts, we are using the current time to improve certain facilities at our school and in the school compound. These improvements include replacement of classroom blackboards, repair of broken desks, and the continued maintenance of the toilet system.

The school has recently started a farming project to produce its own food to support the canteen. All staff at the school are actively involved in the farming activities (weeding, planting maize, etc.) and are responsible for upkeep of the land.

We like to thank you all, for the continuous support during the lockdown period; this support makes it possible for us to care for our kids and mothers during these strange times and keep them safe.

Donation Campaign-Marco from Bedburg: DAY-2 UPDATE

Many thanks to everyone who supported the project with donations today.
At 9.00am today, the donation day started for the organisers. The helpers made sure that everything ran smoothly and took various safety precautions such as setting the safety distance based on COVID-19, labelling the boxes, providing the donation and corona lists.

From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., donated items such as children’s things (shoes, clothes, toys), board games, notebooks, bicycles, children’s bicycles, scooters, mattresses, bed linen, helpers and crutches for old people were accepted. The organisers also had the opportunity to meet Pastor Amon from Cologne who came by to hand over various items from the church to support the fundraising campaign. All donations bring joy and help the local people.

The next event day is Saturday 20.06.20 from 10:00 – 14:00 o’clock at BA-ST GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. in 50181 Bedburg. There are still urgently needed, moving boxes for our donated items. For questions please contact us at Thanks a lot for the great support !!!

Donation Campaign-Marco from Bedburg

Hello People, I would like to start an appeal for donations in kind and money for the LoszuGhana Children’s Village and the school in Adwampong. During my unforgettable Africa motorbike tour in 2019/2020,  I visited this village for about 6 weeks and got an overview of the people and what they are in need or can be useful for them in their daily activities. Many things are missing there that we take for granted. Therefore I would like to ask you to take things that you can give away  to us or alternatively also support the project financially. Thank you very much for your helpfulness and I guarantee that everything will get to the project.

We share a big dream at LoszuGhana and want to expand the existing children’s village. At this village, the children live in safe, loving, family-like structures. This idea and help for kids need to be promoted.

Furthermore, we support the villagers from the surrounding villages of Adunku and Adwampong.

Questions to this relief action I answer gladly under email :

What can be donated? Needed are for example:

Please do not donate the following things:
Food, defective devices/ bulky waste, Liquids/chemicals (e.g. paints)

If you would like to make a cash donation, please use the following account details:
Bank: Sparkasse Dortmund
IBAN: DE89 4405 0199 0011 0171 42
Account holder: Ananse e.V.
Purpose of transfer: Spendenaktion Marco hilft LoszuGhana

(Please also enter your own address, then you will receive a donation receipt)

Delivery of donations in kind
When: from 06.06.2020 to 01.08.2020 every Saturday, from 10:00 to 14:00
Where: BA-ST GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Strasse 12, 50181 Bedburg (industrial area Mühlenerft)

Donations in kind can also be sent as a postal package to the above mentioned address mentioned above.
In autumn the items will be placed in a Sealand-Container packed and shipped to Ghana.